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Six Treadmill Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Encouraging is the first thing which we do to our readers because fitness is an important aspect of any individual life because it keeps your body and mind fit. Exercise is something improves our memory, and the calculation improves, and it has an incredible impact on your brain, it will only improve activeness.

A Treadmill is an intense cardio machine, which has used by several bodybuilders in the past and recommended by the professional trainers. If you want to have an active body and mind, then best Treadmill makes an impressive option for you, and if you already have it, then we share information, which is not taught by the trainers.

During your initial six months of workout, you will find many surprising facts about it. However, we do not want you to discover them one after one it experiencing it personally. Which brings us to showing you the exact things, which you have to avoid before and after the workout, so let’s get things started.

Warm Up

We understand that the cardio machines are mostly lightweight, but they are powerful machines, which has the potential to burn calories up to 2000/day. You have to WARM UP for 5 minutes before you can start working out on the Treadmill.

  • Warming up makes your workout easy, especially for the beginners.
  • Warming up does decrease the pain on your legs and joints.
  • Your ankle will be ready for the intensity.

Ignore Safety Measures

I have seen many newbies and pro as well, who ignores the safety because the Treadmill does seem not much for them. Learn the safety options and measures, which will help you big time.

Talking & Reading

>When you are focusing on an intense workout, then most of the people Talk on the mobile and read books & magazines, which usually slows you down. You should use that time on focusing on the workout only.


It’s common for the newbie’s that they hold on to the side rails during the exercise, but you should not do that because it holds you back. You should let your hands go in the air and workout without any support.


It’s okay to start with the minimum speed, but if you think about it then speed matters You have to increase in every five minutes or so, depending on your workout regime. You can stick with one speed for an entire day workout, so you should start increasing the speed so that you can take to another level.


There are many aspects, which we all look at before buying something but when you have a milestone, then you tend to have ideas, which mostly is short cuts. Losing weight is not an easy task, but if you are determined, then you should stop taking shortcuts because they often are harmful and don’t last longer. Say a big “NO” to supplements for weight loss or better muscle improvements.

Bonus: Do Not Drink Water

Once you are done with an intense workout, then sit down for a couple of minutes and relax. Do not rush and drink water. Let your body have some rest then move on.


There are certainly many other things, which you should avoid to make your fitness clean and healthy one. Stay fit, Stay safe and be cool