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The Board of Directors and Members of the Samaj congratulates our BOT member Mr. Peter Bheddah for being the recipient of 2012 Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Mr. Peter Bheddah, member of the Board of Trustee and the past president of the Samaj is selected to receive the Ellis Island Medal of Honor on May 12, 2012.

The Ellis Island Medals of Honor celebrate the richness and diversity of American life, honoring not only individuals, but the pluralism and democracy that have enabled our ancestry groups to maintain their identities while becoming integral parts of the American Way of life. Both the United States House of Representatives and Senate have officially recognized the Ellis Island Medals of Honor. Each year’s recipients are read into the Congressional Record. Past Medalists from the Samaj members include Dr. Bhupi Patel, Dr. Navin Mehta , Dr. Sudhir Parikh and Mr. Nitin Doshi. Also past medalists include six Presidents, as well as Nobel Prize winners and leaders of industry, education, the arts, sports and government.

The medal of honor award is presented by NECO.

Ellis Island is the gateway through which more than 12 million immigrants passed in their quest for freedom of speech, religion and economic opportunity. Through struggle and sacrifice, these immigrants have built our nation.…

Shri Narendra Modi to address Indian diaspora on 10thMarch 2013

On the morning of Sunday 10th March 2013 at 6:30 AM (IST) Shri Narendra Modi will address the Indian diaspora in a Community Outreach Programme organized by the Overseas Friends of BJP.Talking about the programme, Shri Jayesh Patel, President of the Overseas Friends of BJP pointed that the Community Outreach Programme will be held in Chicago and New Jersey.

The following are the details of the programme:

Shri Narendra Modi will address the gatherings in both the places simultaneously via videoconference. A large number of NRIs are expected to attend the Community Outreach Programmes in both the places. In addition, the event will be watched live across USA and Canada on TV Asia. You can know more about the event HERE.

“Shri Modi is the 4th term Chief Minister of Gujarat…he is the most popular leader of India decisive, visionary and fearless. He has provided all-round development of Gujarat and received acclaims from national and international community” says a statement by the Overseas Friends of BJP. It adds that Shri Modi’s good governance initiatives are becoming a study of emulation for other states and countries across the world. The Overseas Friends of BJP notes the popularity of Shri Modi among the community of Indians overseas.

The organizers of the event include Shri Vijay Jolly (BJP Overseas Affairs In-Charge), President Elect of the Overseas Friends of BJP Shri Chandrakant Patel, the Immediate Past President Shri Adapa Prasad ji among many others.

Shri Narendra Modi is immensely popular outside the shores of India, especially among the diaspora. In May 2012 Shri Modi had addressed NRIs across 12 American cities through videoconference. In a comprehensive speech Shri Modi talked at length about the nature and scope development in Gujarat. The event was attended by record number of people across USA. Later on, in September 2012 Shri Modi addressed ‘Chaalo Gujarat 2012’ a World Gujarati Conference and his speech there was widely appreciated.

The event can be watched LIVE on the website too.…